Agege Local Government Area (LGA) of Lagos State has decided to reduce its working days to three in an effort to alleviate the economic challenges faced by workers.

Ganiyu Egunjobi, the Chairman of the Council, announced on Tuesday in Agege that reductions in various fees were necessary due to the impact of the Federal Government’s subsidy withdrawal.

He mentioned that even the council staff were affected by the economic challenges caused by the removal of the oil subsidy.

While the removal of the subsidy was seen as positive because it stopped benefiting a few wealthy individuals and illegal traders, it adversely affected the economy’s vital sectors and ordinary citizens.

Egunjobi acknowledged that the council was aware of the unintended consequences this had on both staff and residents.

He emphasized that during this challenging period, the council under his leadership was committed to providing some relief to staff, residents, and businesses.

Egunjobi, on the other hand, diverted from the norm by announcing a reduction in the levies paid to the council by residents and businesses.

Nonetheless, the council chairman explained that the workdays for employees had been cut to three, following a roster system, aimed at minimizing daily transportation expenses.

He clarified that this change was introduced to help staff save money on commuting amid escalating fares.

He added that only the Health and Environment departments’ employees, who were required to be present on regular days, were excluded from this adjustment.

However, the council leader instructed the four school shuttle buses, usually reserved for transporting public school children, to temporarily provide free transportation to workers until the students resumed classes.

“With our students currently on vacation, and the four buses sitting idle, we are utilizing them to assist our staff with their commute,” Egunjobi explained.

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