Nollywood star Alexx Ekubo has stressed the utmost significance of family, underlining that individuals with living parents should acknowledge the blessings they have

Alexx Ekubo shared images of his parents on his Instagram, emphasizing the utmost importance of family.

He regarded family as a lifeline during life’s challenges and urged the prioritization of immediate family.

Reflecting on parents’ pivotal roles, he encouraged expressing gratitude while they are still present.

Alex Ekubo referred to his family as his support in life’s difficulties, expressing affection and well wishes for his parents.

He conveyed, “Having living parents is a blessing. Family ranks first, all else follows.

My family takes precedence: God, family, work, in that sequence. Family isn’t just important; it’s everything.”
He advised that those valuing family won’t lose out in the end. Putting others above your own family, he warned, is a mistaken path.

He recognized from his experiences that family is a refuge in life’s turbulence.

He stressed consistently prioritizing immediate family for a regret-free life.

Ekubo concluded by noting that “family” encompasses “Father And Mother, I Love You.”

He prompted readers to show appreciation and send funds to parents without reason, as their presence is temporary.

He acknowledged that one’s existence owes much to them.

He wished for God to sustain his parents’ health and life and expressed his love for them.

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