Arise TV news anchor, Rufai Oseni, has a message for individuals urging Nigerians to grant President Bola Tinubu the necessary time to address the nation’s economic matters.

Various supporters of President Bola Tinubu and members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) are urging the public to exercise patience with the administration as it works towards achieving economic stability.

Recently, Adams Oshiomhole, the senator representing Edo North Senatorial District, pointed out that Tinubu inherited a challenging economic situation.

Oshiomhole, the former National Chairman of the APC, believes that some of the current administration’s decisions are the initial steps toward revitalizing the economy.

However, a political analyst named Oseni expressed his reservations on Twitter. He emphasized that the President’s time is limited, soon needing to focus on preparations for his reelection.

Oseni lamented the susceptibility of Nigerians to deception.

He wrote-

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