Uriel Oputa, the evicted contestant from Big Brother Naija All Stars, clarified that she chose not to leverage her mother’s struggle with dementia as a strategy in the reality show, as it would have been too easily anticipated.

Uriel shared during her appearance on the latest episode of Channels TV’s Rubbin’ Minds that she had devoted the past decade to caring for her mother.

She explained that when she initially mentioned going through a lot, it was in reference to her mother.

She spent ten years as a caregiver, and participating in Big Brother was like a little extra reward for her.

She went on to mention that she deliberately chose not to bring her mother into the spotlight during her time in the Big Brother House.

Uriel felt that doing so might seem predictable and garner sympathy votes.

She believed that there was more to her identity than just being a caregiver.

She wanted to showcase her diverse talents, including cooking, fitness, singing, and her stage presence.

For Uriel, it was important to reveal her multi-faceted personality beyond her role as a caregiver.

She aimed to introduce herself as someone who is well-rounded and has various interests.

This decision was fueled by her desire for a fresh start and the opportunity to display aspects of her that the audience might not have been aware of before.

By Chinedu

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