Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners Chapel), has disclosed the reasons behind his ownership of a fleet of private jets.

According to him, he obtained the aircraft due to the generous financial blessings bestowed upon him by God.

The well-known clergyman, during a recent sermon at Winners Chapel,

revealed that his church now acquires planes effortlessly, thanks to God’s blessings.

He mentioned that when God initially revealed the idea of flying to him, neither he nor his church pursued it through human efforts.

“We were informed by God that we would take to the skies; if we had to plan it ourselves, it wouldn’t have made it into our budget for the next ten years.

We are changing planes as casually as one changes bicycles because God’s blessings have enriched us without sorrow.”

We didn’t make confessions or pray for planes; what would we pray for?

When asked what type of plane we desired, I replied, ‘Any.’ I don’t know the names of specific planes because I wasn’t actively seeking one,” he explained.

Discussing the Ark Project, Oyedepo clarified that the church had not requested offerings from Canaanland or its branches.

He also noted,

“The exchange rate between the dollar and the naira has fluctuated, but the blessings have continued. The Ark Project receives no foreign exchange assistance from outside Nigeria, yet there is no financial strain on anyone.”

He emphasized that individuals who tithe do not experience lack since tithing is rooted in the Bible.

John D. Rockefeller was a faithful tithe payer and became the first American billionaire in history. Those who give don’t experience lack; they only lack what they withhold.

He was raised, nurtured, and sustained through tithing,” he added.

By Chinedu

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