On Friday in Zaria Local Government Area of Kaduna State, a mosque collapse resulted in the loss of four lives and injuries to seven others.

Around 4 pm, during the evening prayer of Muslim worshipers, an incident took place.

According to eyewitnesses, while the worshipers were in the midst of their second Sujud Prayer, a section of the mosque collapsed, trapping those seated beneath it.

These witnesses explained that the victims were buried under debris from the mud-based wall, which had stood for 150 years.

The Emir of Zazzau, Ambassador Nuhu Bamali, expressed his shock and offered prayers for the souls of those who lost their lives.

In an audio interview in Hausa, the Emir revealed that a crack had been noticed on the mosque’s wall the previous Thursday.

Repair plans were already in motion before the unfortunate incident occurred on Friday.

Given the circumstances, the Emir instructed all worshipers to conduct their prayers outside the mosque temporarily, until the necessary repair work could be undertaken.

This incident adds to a series of building collapses across the nation.

While experts often attribute such incidents to factors like subpar building materials and lack of professionalism, the precise cause of this recent incident remains unknown.

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