DOWNLOAD MP3-Burna Boy Ft. Dave – Cheat On Me

Burna Boy, the African Giant, has just dropped a fresh single called “Cheat On Me.”

ArtistBurna Boy
ProducersLiTek, whYJay, Taras Slusarenko, Jacob Daniel Jones, Kwabena Adjepong & James Napier

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This captivating track highlights Burna Boy’s remarkable musical talent, underscoring his ongoing artistic growth and evolution.

Featured on the highly anticipated album “I Told Them…”, “Cheat On Me” stands out amidst a series of prior releases in Burna Boy’s repertoire.

The song effortlessly weaves catchy melodies with insightful lyrics, crafting an enthralling auditory journey that will deeply resonate with its audience.

What further elevates the appeal of this impressive single is the collaborative effort with the acclaimed music sensation, Dave.

Dave’s contribution to the track is nothing short of exceptional, as his impactful and memorable verse seamlessly complements Burna Boy’s distinctive style.

The production of “Cheat On Me” serves as a testament to Burna Boy’s unwavering dedication to excellence.

He enlisted a team of talented individuals—LiTek, whYJay, Taras Slusarenko, Jacob Daniel Jones, Kwabena Adjepong, and James Napier—who skillfully constructed a musical backdrop that perfectly harmonizes with the artists’ performances.

The result is a flawless amalgamation of diverse musical components, yielding a lush and dynamic sonic landscape.

In summation, “Cheat On Me” eloquently showcases Burna Boy’s artistic brilliance and his consistent ability to deliver unparalleled music.

With its infectious melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and stellar collaborations, this single unquestionably earns its place as a must-listen,

appealing to both devoted Burna Boy enthusiasts and avid music aficionados alike.

Mark your calendars, as the album is set to be released on August 25, 2023.

Listen and download below!


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