Once more, Burna Boy has achieved a remarkable feat. His latest album, titled “I Told Them,” has outshone all rivals, securing the top spot on the Boomplay Top 4 album charts.

Released on August 25, 2023, the album has swiftly amassed over 1 million streams within hours of its launch.

“I Told Them” comprises 14 tracks that brilliantly display Burna Boy’s fusion of Afrobeats, dancehall, and reggae.

The album boasts collaborations with prominent figures in African music.

It’s garnered enthusiastic acclaim from both critics and fans, applauding Burna Boy’s inventive musical style and his adeptness at merging diverse genres seamlessly.

Representing a significant declaration, “I Told Them” solidifies Burna Boy’s position in the global music landscape.

Undoubtedly, this album will create a significant impact within the African music sphere and beyond.

By Chinedu

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