After the coup in Gabon on August 30th, President Paul Biya of Cameroon implemented significant alterations within the country’s ministry of defense.

The reshuffling of key positions recently took place, including those of the presidency’s defense delegate,

air force commander, naval leader, and police chief.

The announcements about these changes were made through the social media platform, X.

At the age of 90, Biya took control in 1982 through a coup d’état and has held the presidential position ever since.

Following the Gabon coup, Rwanda’s defense force (RDF) used the social platform formerly known as Twitter,

X, to declare President Paul Kagame’s approval for the retirement of 83 senior officers.

The RDF also shared that Kagame sanctioned the appointment and promotion of new officers to take over the vacated roles.

Discussions aimed at enhancing defense cooperation between their respective nations occurred among Rwanda’s chief of defense staff,

the UAE ambassador to Rwanda, and the defense attaché of Cameroon.

In 2015, an alteration was made to Rwanda’s constitution, extending Kagame’s presidency until 2034.

Kagame, 65 years old, has been in power since 2000.

Both Kagame and Biya made their military reshuffles in response to the recent takeover of Gabon by soldiers, ending the 53-year reign of President Ali Bongo’s family.

By Chinedu

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