The Cement Producers Association of Nigeria has voiced apprehensions regarding the federal government’s proposal to implement concrete roads, citing potential consequences of raising the cement price from the current N5,000 per bag to N9,000.

In a statement jointly issued by the National Chairman, Prince David Iweta, and National Secretary,

Chief Reagan Ufomba, the association expressed appreciation for the Minister of Works’

support of cement-made roads but cautioned against potential adverse consequences if the supply side of the equation isn’t adequately managed.

The statement conveyed their concerns:

“Our investigations across the country reveal that during the rainy season, cement is selling for as high as N6000 per bag.

We anticipate that it could exceed N9,000 per bag in the dry season,

particularly in light of the Minister of Works’ statements on cement technology and the housing directive from the President if proactive measures aren’t taken.

“While we applaud the Minister’s stance on cement-made roads, we underscore the grave repercussions if the supply issue remains unaddressed.

Failing to intervene would be a dereliction of duty, and the time for action is now.

“To do otherwise would perpetuate an impractical hope that prices will miraculously decrease for this essential input, continuing to burden Nigerians,

contributing to homelessness, fostering demand-supply imbalances, exacerbating infrastructure deficiencies it aims to alleviate, and resulting in an unprecedented price surge.”

The association also urged the current administration to permanently tackle the persistent problem of rising cement prices by promoting greater involvement in the cement industry,

emphasizing that Nigerians should not be compelled to pay more than N5,600 per bag.

In addressing this challenge, cement producers recommended that the government prioritize road designs that incorporate both cement technology and asphalt pavement simultaneously.

By Chinedu

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