Coup Update: Major General Mohammed Takuti Usman, GOC of 81 Division Nigerian Army, urges disloyal soldiers to depart the military

On Wednesday, August 30, Usman emphasized the importance of loyalty to President Bola Tinubu and the established authority.

He also urged soldiers to exhibit professionalism and loyalty, starting from the President down to the top ranks of the Armed Forces.

Addressing soldiers at the 35 Artillery Brigade in Abeokuta, Ogun State,

the Nigerian Army GOC acknowledged challenges faced,

which he deemed not exclusive to the Brigade Command. He stressed the significance of disciplined and loyal soldiers,

emphasizing that loyalty should begin with the Commander in Chief, President, and extend down the chain of command to the Chief of Defence Staff,

Chief of Army Staff, and Brigade Commander.

Usman emphasized that there’s no place for disloyal soldiers within the armed forces.

He encouraged dedication, loyalty, and top-level professionalism while bearing arms to ensure the safety and normalcy of civilians.

He also highlighted the importance of hard work and excelling in training courses to grow within the military profession.

This statement was made in the context of reports about military coups happening in various African nations, with Gabon being the latest example.

By Chinedu

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