Spesh- Davido’s hypeman, alleges that someone tampered with his beverage while at a nightclub.

The renowned artist Davido found himself in a distressing situation involving his hypeman, Special Spesh,

who recently had a troubling experience while at a club.

Special Spesh’s night took a sinister turn when he suspected that someone had tampered with his beverage, resulting in unforeseen consequences.

Special Spesh took to social media to share his harrowing encounter, expressing concern about physical changes he began to observe in his body.

He experienced severe discomfort, characterized by a swollen stomach and episodes of vomiting, which he attributed to the alleged drink tampering.

To raise awareness and seek support, Special Spesh reached out to his team’s WhatsApp group,

providing details of his unfortunate incident.

He speculated that the person who spiked his drink might have harbored malicious intentions, possibly intending to incapacitate him and facilitate a robbery.

In a message shared on the platform, Special Spesh voiced his concerns, stating, “WHOEVER TRIED TO SPIKE OR POISON MY DRINK, YOUR PLAN DIDN’T SUCCEED.”

In a subsequent post, he added, “I believe the motive was to render me unconscious so I could be robbed.”

Through his social media posts, Special Spesh shed light on the unsettling incident he endured,

drawing attention to the potential hazards associated with such actions in club environments.

By Chinedu

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