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ArtistDamo K
CategoryNigerian Music
AlbumSorry I’m Deaf EP
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Positioned as the fourth jewel in the crown of Damo K’s much-anticipated musical odyssey, “When” assumes its rightful place within the intricately crafted tapestry of his latest project, “Sorry I’m Deaf.” This ambitious venture unfolds as a sonic journey comprising a total of seven tracks, each serving as a testament to Damo K’s multifaceted talent and creative ingenuity.

Within the expansive realm of “Sorry I’m Deaf,” every song emerges as a distinctive expression of Damo K’s musical identity, showcasing not only his unique style but also his lyrical prowess. The project stands as a magnum opus, a comprehensive showcase of the artist’s evolution and artistic depth.

“As you embark on the auditory voyage presented by ‘When,'” prepare to be transported into a realm where captivating melodies intertwine with heartfelt lyrics, creating an immersive musical experience. Damo K’s soulful vocals, infused with emotion, seamlessly intertwine with the mesmerizing instrumentals, casting a spell that captivates the senses. The infectious rhythm and catchy hooks embedded within “When” beckon you to participate actively, ensuring that you find yourself singing along in harmonious resonance.

This musical composition, much like the entirety of “Sorry I’m Deaf,” stands as a testament to Damo K’s commitment to delivering not just songs but unforgettable experiences. It represents a fusion of artistry and emotion, inviting listeners to delve into the depths of the artist’s creative soul.

The invitation extends beyond mere consumption; it’s an entreaty to become an integral part of the musical narrative crafted by Damo K. To immerse yourself fully in the genius of his creation, do not miss the opportunity to listen, share, and download “When” and the other awe-inspiring tracks comprising “Sorry I’m Deaf.”

Prepare to be swept away on the currents of Damo K’s undeniable talent and his unwavering passion for music. The journey through “When” and the entire project promises not just an auditory experience but a profound encounter with the essence of Damo K’s artistic brilliance. As you traverse the melodic landscapes of “Sorry I’m Deaf,” be prepared to witness the convergence of talent, passion, and a boundless commitment to musical excellence.


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