Dammy Krane – Ijo Mi

Dammy Krane Reclaims the Music Scene with a Triumphant Comeback and Latest Single “Ijo Mi”
Following a short break from the music industry, Dammy Krane, the Nigerian Afro-pop sensation, is making a grand entrance, announcing his triumphant return with the highly anticipated release of his latest single, titled “Ijo Mi.”

With this captivating track, Dammy Krane once again proves his undeniable talent and showcases his ability to mesmerize audiences with his distinctive fusion of Afrobeat and contemporary sounds.

“Ijo Mi” serves as a jubilant tribute to life and the moments of pure joy that accompany it.

The song is infused with vibrant rhythms, infectious melodies, and Dammy Krane’s signature charismatic delivery.

Produced by a team of talented music producers, the track not only displays Dammy Krane’s artistic growth but also remains faithful to his Afro-pop roots.

Listen and download below!


By Chinedu

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