DOWNLOAD MP3: Diamond Jimma – Akorede

DOWNLOAD MP3: Diamond Jimma – Akorede

DOWNLOAD MP3: Diamond Jimma – Akorede. Introducing the latest release from Diamond Jimma, an exceptionally talented singer-songwriter and artist hailing from Nigeria. His newest single, titled “Akorede,” beautifully showcases his remarkable abilities and mesmerizes audiences with its soul-stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Diamond Jimma has swiftly risen as one of Nigeria’s most promising young artists, effortlessly blending traditional Nigerian sounds with contemporary influences to create a style that is both innovative and familiar.

With “Akorede,” Diamond Jimma’s extraordinary artistry shines through, featuring his unique vocals harmoniously accompanied by an irresistible beat that will undoubtedly set listeners in motion from the very first note. Brace yourself for an enchanting musical journey, as this track is an experience you won’t want to let slip away!

Listen and enjoy below!


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