The Beginning and End of the War

The war commenced with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, triggering Austria-Hungary’s declaration of war on Serbia a month later. Beginning on July 28, 1914, it lasted four years, three months, and fourteen days, with fighting ceasing on Nov. 11, 1918. The official end came six months later through a negotiated peace treaty, five years after the archduke’s assassination.

The front page of the Yorkshire Telegraph & Star (Sheffield) from Monday 11th November 1918.


The conflict has been given various titles. World War I is commonly shortened to WWI in writing, but in both speech and writing, it’s also known by several other names such as The Great War, The World War, The War of Nationals, and The War to End All Wars.

Noteworthy Weaponry Facts

Some Notable Facts About Weapons:
During World War I, chemical weaponry saw its debut.
Various nations utilized around 70 different types of airplanes in the conflict.
These aircraft were instrumental in deploying explosives from above.
Machine guns, capable of firing 600 rounds per minute, boasted a firing range equivalent to over 150 rifles.

Casualties and Injuries

In the span of four years of conflict, 65 million soldiers engaged in battle, resulting in eight million fatalities globally. Additionally, 21 million sustained injuries, with seven million suffering from debilitating wounds such as missing limbs. Despite participating for only seven months, the United States faced significant casualties, with 117,000 soldiers losing their lives and 204,000 sustaining injuries during that period.

Medical Strides and Advancements

Medical progress surged due to wartime needs, with innovations such as the establishment of blood banks, allowing for vital transfusions, and the development of plastic surgery, pioneered to aid soldiers with severe facial injuries. These advancements continue to shape modern medicine.

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