Women from Kaduna State are pleading with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for assistance, as they grapple with hunger, frustration, and depression caused by the overwhelming rise in the cost of living.

Helen John, a mother of eight and a vegetable vendor at the bustling Sheikh Gumi Market, expressed her distress about the soaring food prices and transportation expenses during a conversation with Leadership magazine.

She added that her children are also suffering from hunger due to the ongoing economic difficulties.
“We’ve been struggling for over two months, barely managing one meal a day.

Our existence has become dependent on the generosity of others,”

she shared.

Aisha Mohammed, a widow and mother of five who sells bean balls, echoed the sentiment, saying, “Hunger is pervasive, and the resources for school fees have vanished. The income from my business hardly covers transportation costs alone.”

“I’m in the business of selling bean balls (akara), but even making N500 in daily profit has become a challenge due to skyrocketing food prices and exorbitant transportation expenses.”

“The country’s situation is disheartening, and these challenges seem insurmountable,” Aisha remarked.

Both women made an earnest appeal to the President, urging a reduction in government expenditure and the reversal of policies that negatively impact the vulnerable population of Nigeria.

They also implored President Tinubu to reconsider the fuel price hike, emphasizing that it threatens their livelihoods by compelling them to cover long distances on foot due to the increased transportation costs.

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By Chinedu

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