“I Still Don’t Own A Camera” – Popular Video Director, TG Omori Makes Interesting Revelation

Prominent Nigerian music video director TG Omori, whose full name is ThankGod Omori Jesam, recently surprised many by revealing that he lacks a personal camera for shooting his videos.

During a conversation on the ‘Zero Conditions Podcast,’ he explained that he relies on a desktop computer in his office solely for video editing.

Despite his renown for collaborating with top musicians to bring creative concepts to life, TG Omori shared that he partners with production studios for filming equipment rather than owning his own.

Reflecting on his journey, he recounted how his early lack of resources led him to pursue acting instead of film production, as it allowed him to work without the financial burden of owning equipment.

He stumbled upon the career of a music video director while in school, realizing that he could rent equipment and bring his artistic visions to life without personal ownership.

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By Chinedu

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