I played football for six years — Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, the well-known American reality star and successful business mogul, recently disclosed an interesting aspect of her past.

In an unexpected revelation, the 42-year-old media personality shared that she had a noteworthy stint in football before eventually stepping away.

During the Inter Miami vs Cruz Azul Leagues Cup match at the DRV PNK Stadium on a Friday, Kim expressed her fondness for the sport she once played for a considerable period of five to six years.

During her soccer days, she showcased her versatility by occupying both the roles of a skilled goalkeeper and an adept center-forward.

Sportkeeda reported the TV star’s comments, where she expressed her enthusiasm for the game and how she cherishes the fact that her son shares the same passion for soccer.

Delighted to be present alongside Victoria and David, she found joy in the excitement of the younger fans at the match.

The occasion was made more special as they were there to witness the debut of the legendary Lionel Messi for the Major League Soccer club, Inter Miami.

Kim Kardashian’s past involvement in football adds another intriguing dimension to her multi-faceted persona, which continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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