“If you were granted access to Tinubu, you would come to admire him,” stated Seun Kuti.

Grammy-nominated afrobeat artist Sean Kuti recently expressed that a

significant portion of those who critique President Bola Ahmed Tinubu might have a different perspective if they had the opportunity to meet him.

During a discussion on The Honest Bunch Podcast, Kuti mentioned that many of the individuals currently criticizing the president might “develop an appreciation” for him if they had personal access.

Drawing from his own experiences growing up,

Kuti reflected on the tendency for people to harbor negative sentiments towards his father, the late afrobeat icon Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.

He pointed out that individuals who frequently criticize politicians often change their tune when it comes to the offspring of those politicians, often due to financial considerations.

Kuti expressed,-

“As the son of Fela, raised in Nigeria, I couldn’t even visit my girlfriend’s father’s house without wondering, ‘What does my father do that makes everyone dislike him?’

But I understand my father; he’s quite a likable person. So, why does this man face such widespread disdain? Everywhere I went, it was always,

‘He’s Fela’s son…’ I know that feeling. However, I observed the children of all politicians; those who criticize Tinubu today will praise his children tomorrow because of their wealth.

So, I realize that if you had the chance to know Tinubu, you might even admire him. Your dislike for him mainly stems from your lack of access.”

By Chinedu

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