India’s Titan-Like Submersible To Take 3 People 6-km Underwater

India is currently constructing its inaugural manned submersible, known as “MATSYA 6000,” at the National Institute of Ocean Technology in Chennai.

This submersible is a crucial part of India’s first Deep Ocean Mission, called ‘Samudrayaan.’

The mission aims to send a team of three humans to explore the ocean’s depths, reaching up to 6 kilometers below the surface.

Their primary objectives are to study deep-sea resources and assess biodiversity without disturbing the ocean ecosystem.

Kiren Rijiju, the Earth Sciences Minister, shared images of the submersible on social media, highlighting the mission’s commitment to safeguarding the marine environment during exploration.

India anticipates completing the submersible’s construction by 2026.

It’s worth noting that the submersible’s design draws similarities to Oceangate’s Titan, a vessel famously associated with the Titanic’s resting place in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Unfortunately, the Titan suffered a catastrophic implosion during a mission, resulting in the tragic loss of all five crew members.

This incident prompted OceanGate to halt all exploration and business activities.

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