DOWNLOAD MP3-Lifesize Teddy – Addicted Ft Magixx

ArtistLifesize Teddy
ProducerAndre Vibez
CategoryNigerian Music
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Embark on a musical journey with Lifesize Teddy’s latest sonic masterpiece, “Addicted,” an entrancing track featured as the fourth gem on his highly anticipated project, “POISN.” This meticulously curated collection, consisting of five tracks in total, unfolds like a musical tapestry, each song offering a glimpse into the multifaceted artistry of Lifesize Teddy.

As “Addicted” takes its place within the broader narrative of “POISN,” listeners are invited to explore the diverse soundscape crafted by Lifesize Teddy. Each track within this project serves as a unique chapter, revealing the artist’s exceptional talent and versatility. From soulful ballads to rhythmic anthems, “POISN” promises a musical odyssey that transcends genres and captivates the senses.

To amplify the star power of “Addicted,” Lifesize Teddy enlisted the collaboration of the award-winning superstar, Magixx. The inclusion of Magixx adds an extra layer of dynamism to the track, as he delivers an impressive verse that seamlessly weaves into the fabric of the song, enhancing its infectious vibe and elevating the overall listening experience.

Behind the scenes, the magic of “Addicted” is brought to life by the skilled hands of the talented music producer, Andre Vibez. Renowned for his signature touch, Andre Vibez expertly handles the production, creating a seamless fusion of captivating melodies and infectious beats. The result is a track that not only engages the ears but also resonates deep within the soul.

In conclusion, Lifesize Teddy’s latest single, “Addicted,” is a testament to his undeniable talent and artistry. With its catchy hooks and addictive rhythm, this song has the power to linger in the minds of listeners, leaving them craving for more. The broader project, “POISN,” unfolds as a musical canvas, showcasing the depth and richness of Lifesize Teddy’s creative expression. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary musical experience—listen, share, and download “Addicted” today to fully immerse yourself in the enchanting world meticulously crafted by Lifesize Teddy.


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