Mason Greenwood might consider leaving football entirely due to his distress over Manchester United’s choice to let him go, as per the Daily Mail.

The 21-year-old has been instructed to depart from the Premier League club half a year after the Crown Prosecution Service dropped sexual assault and domestic violence charges against the striker.

After an “internal investigation,” the club found that the online materials didn’t present the complete story, and Mason was not guilty of the initially accused offenses.

Nevertheless, both parties “mutually agreed” that it would be best for his career to continue elsewhere rather than at Old Trafford.

Greenwood is deeply disappointed since Old Trafford’s higher-ups had initially hinted at giving him another chance.

However, due to concerns about negative public reactions, the club reversed its decision.

Regarding Greenwood’s future, a reliable source stated, “I don’t believe he’s emotionally prepared to bounce back from this.

While some players might think, ‘I’ve been cleared, so I’ll carry on regardless,’ and proceed to score goals elsewhere, Mason isn’t among them.

He’s not mature enough. In my view, his career is over.”

By Chinedu

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