ProducersOzedikus & ProdbyTwist
CategoryNigerian Music
AlbumPoint of View EP 
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Positioned as the fourth track within the immersive auditory journey of Moelogo’s 6-track body of work, “Point Of View,” the song “WEEEKEND” emerges as a shining testament to Moelogo’s unparalleled musical prowess and distinct artistic style. Serving as a focal point in the broader narrative of the project, this track encapsulates the artist’s creative evolution and commitment to delivering a rich, multi-dimensional musical experience.

An integral aspect of the song’s allure lies in the meticulous craftsmanship of the production, a feat achieved by the collaborative efforts of the highly acclaimed music producers Ozedikus and ProdbyTwist. Their exceptional skills and keen musical acumen have not only complemented but also elevated Moelogo’s artistry, infusing the track with a vibrant energy and sonic depth that captivates the listener from the first note.

It is noteworthy that “WEEEKEND” is more than just a standalone single; it is a pivotal chapter in Moelogo’s artistic journey, representing a harmonious fusion of lyrical finesse, melodic brilliance, and innovative production techniques. The song’s placement within the broader context of the “Point Of View” project underscores its significance as a cornerstone in the artist’s sonic exploration and creative expression.

As aficionados of Moelogo’s musical repertoire, we extend a cordial invitation for you to immerse yourself in the enchanting soundscape of “WEEEKEND.” Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer eager to discover the depths of Moelogo’s artistry, this track promises to be a compelling addition to your musical library.

Feel free to engage with this musical masterpiece by listening, sharing, and downloading via the provided link below. Join us in celebrating the fusion of Moelogo’s talent, Ozedikus and ProdbyTwist’s production wizardry, and the overarching narrative of the “Point Of View” project. Allow “WEEEKEND” to transport you into a realm where each note tells a story, and every beat resonates with the heartbeat of Moelogo’s artistic vision. The journey awaits – don’t miss the chance to embark on it.


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