DOWNLOAD MP3: Mr Eazi – Chop Time, No Friend

Mr Eazi – Chop Time, No Friend

Mr Eazi, the exceptionally talented musician from Nigeria, has recently unveiled his latest single titled “Chop Time, No Friend.”

This captivating track marks a delightful return to the distinctive Banku Music style that Mr Eazi pioneered and popularized with his early singles and mixtapes.

The title of the song, “Chop Time, No Friend,” derives from a widely used Ghanaian expression, often seen inscribed on the fronts or sides of buses, comparable to the phrase “God is Great.”

According to Mr Eazi, it embodies the notion that when one is indulging in a meal, they should solely focus on their own enjoyment without concerning themselves with others.

This saying symbolizes his ability to remain undistracted by detractors and relish in the rewards of his accomplishments.

“It delves into the realm of gossip and chatter directed towards me, yet I remain steadfast in my pursuit of enjoyment,” explains Eazi.

“It serves as a declaration, a celebration of self. I proclaim that everything I touch turns to gold. No one can disturb my peace.”

Listen and download below!


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