Naira Marley persists in refuting allegations of involvement in drug-related activities or cult affiliations.

Naira Marley’s management team released a statement on his Instagram handle addressing the controversy surrounding Mohbad’s death,

which occurred on September 12, 2023, and his subsequent burial in Ikorodu, Lagos. Despite allegations linking Naira Marley to Mohbad’s demise,

he vehemently denied any involvement and expressed his shock and grief over the loss.

The statement emphasized that Naira Marley had no direct or indirect role in Mohbad’s death.

While acknowledging past disagreements during their collaboration, it asserted that these disputes were never so severe as to wish harm upon each other,

and they were in the process of resolving business matters legally.

Naira Marley also revealed he had been out of the country since August 31, 2023, and was arranging his return to cooperate with the ongoing police investigation.

He maintained his innocence and believed there was a plot against him by individuals with a vendetta,

vowing that the truth surrounding Mohbad’s death would come to light.

Furthermore, it clarified that Mohbad had left Marlian Music in September 2022 with the label’s acceptance,

and they didn’t hinder his career afterward. The statement refuted rumors of the label being involved in drug-related activities and emphasized their dedication to nurturing talent.

Naira Marley also stated that he had never initiated or encouraged any attacks, bullying, or harassment against Mohbad, nor had any artists on his label mistreated him.

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