The gifted transfer expert, Fabrizio Romano, emphasized that Victor Osimhen has maintained a degree of ambiguity regarding his footballing future. Despite Napoli’s widely publicized efforts to entice him with a substantial and potentially record-breaking contract offer, Osimhen has yet to make a final decision. It’s crucial to underscore that this proposed contract with Napoli would stand as the most substantial in the club’s storied history, underlining just how highly the club values the striker.

Victor Osimhen’s time with Napoli has been remarkable, showcasing his undeniable prowess in front of goal. Since his arrival from Lille in 2020, he has netted an impressive total of 65 goals in 111 appearances for the Italian side. Last season alone, he astoundingly tallied 31 goals in 39 games, a statistic that has further heightened his appeal to prospective suitors.

Even in the current season, with a tally of six goals in just 10 appearances across all competitions, Osimhen’s prowess remains undiminished. Intriguingly, his stellar performances have not gone unnoticed, and top clubs across Europe continue to express interest in securing his services.

Fabrizio Romano, a trusted source for all transfer-related news, shed light on the situation. He revealed that while Chelsea maintains an ongoing interest in Victor Osimhen, it’s pertinent to note that, contrary to reports in the Italian media, Osimhen has not reached any formal agreement with Liverpool or any other club as of yet. The transfer market remains a dynamic and evolving landscape, and Osimhen’s destination for the future is yet to be determined, leaving football fans and club supporters on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

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