Apostle Johnson Suleman, the Nigerian cleric from the Omega Fire Ministry, has referred to impoverished individuals as the most perilous people globally.

Suleman expressed his lament that a majority of those who criticized him following his footsteps were individuals with limited financial means.

He conveyed this sentiment through a video shared on his Facebook page, which seemed to have been recorded during one of his Sunday church services.

In the video, Suleman conveyed his ability to overpower financially disadvantaged individuals who challenged him, yet he chose not to exercise this power, as he believed that God also possessed the ability to render him powerless.

He stated, “The individuals most capable of causing harm in this world are those who lack financial resources.

They are a formidable threat, a setup, and I speak candidly.”

Suleman further revealed, “During my prayers, God conveyed that certain covenants would ensure my continual prosperity.

One of these covenants is to extend kindness to the less fortunate, a practice I have upheld throughout my life.”

He pondered, “Curiously, those who have opposed me are invariably individuals of modest means. I find myself wondering about the reasons behind this pattern.

Whenever someone addresses me negatively on social media, a brief inspection reveals their financial hardships.

I wonder, why do the wealthy not level accusations against me?”

Suleman continued, “I comprehend that I have pledged to refrain from confronting anyone who lacks financial resources.

Should I engage with a prosperous individual, I am aware that I can immediately respond due to their capabilities.

However, those lacking such capacity seek to ensnare you in difficulties.”

He emphasized, “Should you retaliate against them, divine retribution will follow you.

While you may possess the means to crush them utterly, remember that God holds the power to pulverize you as well.”

Suleman acknowledged, “My hands are tied in this matter. The less privileged individuals perpetuate this cycle, often unaware of when to desist.

Regrettably, ingratitude is prevalent among many who face financial hardships.”

By Chinedu

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