Renowned Nigerian musician, Divine Ikubor, known as Rema, has taken a stand against the recent viral rumors suggesting his involvement with the Illuminati secret society.

In a post shared on his official Instagram stories, Rema denied any association with such a clandestine organization. He addressed the Illuminati conspiracy theories and urged his loyal fan base, the “Day 1 Ravers,” to enlighten his new fans about his background and heritage.

Strongly rejecting the claims that his success is linked to supernatural forces, Rema described the Illuminati as something sinister, emphasizing that “Jesus is the king.”

He stated, “Day 1 Ravers, help me educate the new Ravers that I have been dedicated to my craft for a long time. You would gain better understanding if you simply research where I come from, the significant colors in my heritage, what flies in the skies of Benin each evening, and more.

“As I continue to evolve, my artistry will evolve without hesitation. Please take the time to get to know your artist. The talk about the Illuminati is baseless. I put in too much effort to create music for you all to attribute the credit to something sinister. Let go of it now. Jesus is the ultimate ruler.”

By Mickey

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