Abisi Emmanuel Ezechukwu, professionally known as Nasty Blaq, has gained immense popularity as a prominent skit maker and content creator from Nigeria

Lately, he has taken a stand against the unfair practice of hastily labeling successful skit makers as fraudsters and ritualists in his country

Through his Insta-story, Nasty Blaq expressed his genuine frustration over this matter

He highlighted the irony that while fans thoroughly enjoy watching skits and relishing the content, they seem reluctant to support skit makers’ aspirations for a better and more luxurious life.

He made a comparison between comedians and musicians, emphasizing that musicians can attain luxurious cars and houses shortly after gaining popularity, without encountering the same level of criticism as skit makers

Nasty Blaq’s post, he expressed his thoughts as follows:

“I can’t comprehend how someone can do skits for over 5 years, and when they finally buy a car, people accuse them of being involved in rituals and fraudulent activities like yahoo.

Look at Seyi Vibez; he hasn’t even been doing this for a year, and he bought a house and car, and everyone congratulates him. Skit makers achieve the same success in 3-4 years, yet they are labeled as engaging in illegal practices like yahoo and ritual.”

In his heartfelt message, Nasty Blaq brings attention to the unjust criticisms frequently directed towards accomplished skit makers in Nigeria.

He passionately urges everyone to acknowledge and value their dedication and accomplishments, steering away from groundless accusations.

By Chinedu

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