BNXN, formerly known as Buju had gone out to hang at an undisclosed lounge where they sold him fake drinks at the same price as the original ones.

He didn’t disclose the name of the but lounge asked them to respect his health, his money and give him the full value of his money.

He noted that the next time such occurs, he would make sure he collects the mic from the club or lounge’s hypeman to expose them.

In his words:

“Stop selling us fake drinks after spending so much money on the overpriced drinks. You’re killing us.

Respect my health , Respect my money. Give me what I pay for. If you don’t have it , don’t bring a fake one!

The next club or lounge that does this to me , I promise i will take that microphone from the hypeman and let you know!”

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By Chinedu

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