Residents reported the attack happening on a Thursday at around 9 pm.

The victims, mostly friends of the bride, were in a canter vehicle. Tragically, three local security volunteers lost their lives trying to rescue them.

The canter, initially carrying over 70 individuals, saw some escape by jumping off when the bandits hijacked it.

Sabuwa local government continues to face challenges with the presence of bandits and their informants.

The head of Dandume Local Government, Alhaji Basiru Musa, verified the event.

While there are unconfirmed reports of some kidnapped women escaping, the chairman assured to verify and share updates.

The abducted women, originally from Dandume, were intercepted by bandits on their journey from Sabuwa Local Government around 9 pm.

Sabuwa and Dandume face significant bandit activities in Katsina State.

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