The U.S. has cautioned coup plotters in Niger Republic that they might intervene militarily if the nation’s military leaders don’t restore constitutional order.

During a teleconference on Tuesday, Victoria Nuland, the acting Deputy Secretary of the United States, revealed this information during a special briefing about Niger.

Victoria said:

“There’s a lot of movement happening from various angles regarding the future of governance here.

We’re closely monitoring the situation, scheduling regional meetings, and engaging with allies to fulfill our obligations.

While we hope to avoid intervention, if pushed, we’ve conveyed the importance of a diplomatic resolution to the Niger junta responsible for this, emphasizing our commitment to restoring constitutional order.”

She mentioned that President Joe Biden has maintained continuous communication with President Tinubu, the Chairperson of ECOWAS, along with various European allies.

“He has also maintained consistent contact with President Tinubu of Nigeria, who currently leads ECOWAS, as well as AU Chairperson Faki.

Additionally, he has engaged with several European allies, especially those we collaborate with in Niger, focusing largely on counterterrorism efforts.

All these interactions have been firmly grounded in our shared values, including a commitment to democracy.

This is why witnessing the ongoing challenge to the democratic order that emerged on July 26 has been extremely distressing and continues to be so.”

By Chinedu

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