Tottenham’s Richarlison plans to seek ‘psychological support’ after acknowledging a ‘challenging five months’ outside of football.

Brazilian striker Richarlison has announced his intention to seek ‘psychological assistance’ upon his return to Tottenham following the international break, citing a ‘challenging period’ off the field.

The Spurs forward had an emotional moment after being substituted during Brazil’s 5-1 victory over Bolivia on Saturday, during which he missed a significant scoring opportunity.

Additionally, Richarlison was substituted during Brazil’s 1-0 win over Peru, concluding his international break without a goal.

Richarlison, who has faced criticism for his goal-scoring record at Tottenham, revealed that off-the-field issues, specifically financial concerns involving individuals close to him,

had taken a toll on him emotionally.

He expressed his commitment to addressing these challenges with psychological support in England, aiming to regain his form and consistency in the game.

Richarlison did not provide detailed information about his off-the-field problems, but it was reported that he had parted ways with his long-time agent, Renato Velasco.

Despite his struggles at Tottenham, Richarlison remains a valued member of the Brazilian national team, having scored 20 goals in 45 appearances for his country.

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