Terna Tarka, the former spouse of Big Brother Naija reality show star Venita Akpofure, has refuted his ex-wife’s controversial statement concerning Tiv men.

Venita had ignited controversy by stating on the reality show that “Tiv men offer their wives to visitors for entertainment.”

In response, her former husband has spoken out to clarify that he never subjected her to such practices and firmly stated that no Tiv men engage in such behavior.

In a video circulating on social media, Tarka was heard saying, “I’m here today to address a very contentious narrative that has been circulating all over social media and the news. This pertains to the statement that when Tiv men host their guests, they offer their wives to these guests for pleasure purposes.

“Speaking as a proud Tiv man born into one of the most distinguished families in the Middle Belt region and as the first grandson of Joseph Tarka, I want to emphatically state that in all my years of hosting guests, the very thought of such a derogatory practice has never crossed my mind. Therefore, such a thing never happened in my marriage.

“Given my prominent Tiv family background, it’s easy to become the target of criticism on this matter. However, I am also in a good position to speak on behalf of all Tiv people when I say unequivocally that such a practice has never occurred or existed within Tiv culture or any other Nigerian culture, for that matter.

“Our paramount ruler, His Royal Highness, Prof. James Ayaste, has addressed this issue. I can assure you that Tiv men are fiercely protective of their wives and daughters. I strongly advise against any encroachments, as there will be consequences.”

Meanwhile, Venita has since issued an apology to the Tiv people for her “careless” comment.

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