Tony Elumelu Reveals His Secret

Tony Elumelu, the visionary behind the establishment of the United Bank of Africa Plc, has unveiled the mystery behind his youthful appearance that defies his actual age. In a captivating revelation shared on his Twitter account, accompanied by an awe-inspiring photograph, the esteemed founder of the Tony Elumelu Foundation disclosed the key to his age-defying looks.

The 60-year-old trailblazing entrepreneur took to Twitter on a Monday, expressing:

“Before even reaching the age of 30, I made a conscious commitment to prioritize my health and fitness, and it has undoubtedly been one of the wisest choices I’ve made in my life. Now that I’m 60, do I feel it? Absolutely not! I attribute my timeless vitality to a farsighted decision I made three decades ago.”

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By Chinedu

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