WurlD Ft. Sarz – Location

Once again, Wurld, the Nigerian singer-songwriter and music star, has enraptured his fans with his latest single, “Location.”

What sets “Location” apart is the remarkable collaboration with the acclaimed superstar producer, Sarz.

Together, they have crafted a masterpiece that flawlessly combines their unique artistic styles, resulting in an unforgettable auditory journey.

From the very first note, “Location” effortlessly enthralls listeners with its infectious rhythm and captivating melodies.

Wurld’s soulful vocals glide seamlessly over the mesmerizing beats, blending Afrobeat and contemporary sounds into a harmonious fusion.

The lyrics are relatable and heartfelt, vividly portraying feelings of yearning and longing.

It would be remiss to overlook Sarz’s contribution to the track, as his impeccable production skills leave an indelible mark.

His signature touch enhances the song, elevating it to new heights.

Listen and download below!


By Chinedu

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