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ProducerRex Madeit
CategoryNigerian Music
AlbumThe One Who Descends EP
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In a testament to Yarden’s ever-evolving musical journey, the exquisitely crafted and enchanting composition titled “Time” emerges as the latest gem in his discography this year. This captivating release follows the resounding success of his previously unveiled tracks, underscoring Yarden’s consistent commitment to artistic innovation and creative exploration.

Positioned as the third track within his meticulously curated five-track project, “The One Who Descends,” “Time” assumes a pivotal role in the sonic narrative Yarden weaves. The song not only captivates audiences with its entrancing melodies but also leaves a lasting impact with its thought-provoking lyrics, further establishing Yarden as a songwriter of profound depth and insight.

Behind the scenes, the magic of “Time” is brought to life through the skilled hands of music producer Rex Madeit. Renowned for his prowess in the studio, Rex Madeit contributes to the sonic landscape of the track, enhancing its overall appeal and underscoring Yarden’s versatility as an artist capable of creating music that transcends temporal boundaries.

“Time” becomes a canvas upon which Yarden paints with musical hues, showcasing his ability to craft timeless compositions that resonate with a diverse audience. The song stands as a testament to Yarden’s artistic versatility, as he seamlessly navigates through genres and emotions, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who lend their ears to his creations.

For those eager to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of “Time” by Yarden, the opportunity to listen and download is extended. The song beckons, inviting listeners to partake in a sensory journey where music becomes a conduit for emotions, reflections, and a profound connection between the artist and the audience.

So, don’t let the magic of “Time” slip through the fleeting moments. Take a deliberate pause, indulge your senses, and allow Yarden’s musical craftsmanship to wash over you. The resonance of “Time” is not confined to a mere listening experience; it is an invitation to traverse the realms of emotion and artistry, creating a timeless connection between the artist and those who choose to embark on this auditory adventure.


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